Linda Robertson

Encaustic Paintings

Long for a Moment

Artist Statement
The fragility of nature has long been a recurring theme in my work. Influenced by my childhood in Hawai’i and my current residence in the Pacific Northwest, my paintings incorporate abstractions of nature and how they alter the world around us with the passage of time. I translate these impressions into layers of color, text and texture, capturing moments suspended in time. My work pairs modern materials with ancient technique to produce a luminous surface that captures and reflects light. The translucency of the wax creates layers of information, like the sediment of time, while stirring the senses of sight, smell, and touch.

Artist Biography
Linda Robertson is a nationally recognized artist and art instructor and the author of the Embracing Encaustic series of books. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States for over a decade and has taught art workshops for the last 9 years. Linda is often a featured speaker and instructor at schools and art conferences in the United States and Canada. She also offers a series of online classes bringing together a community of international artists at Her mixed media work has been published in numerous books and periodicals including American Art Collector, Authentic Visual Voices, 101 Mixed Media Techniques, Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility, Plaster Studio and Professional Artist Magazine. Visit to view her art and sign up for her free newsletter.

Artist Statement