Kevin Piepel

Encaustic Paintings

Serendipity   20" x 30"

Artist Statement:

Through his work, Kevin Piepel expresses thoughts and emotions associated with life-altering change. Piepel defines his intention through personal experience, interpersonal transaction, meditation, and journaling. Meditation has provided him the ability to silence his mind and/or observe his thoughts. This skill provides the clarity necessary to feel the impact of his mark making. If elements of his paintings are in need of alteration, He identifies them through varying levels of discontent. Piepel closely monitors his feelings as they guide his hand to silence that which visually offends. When he has achieved a harmony in keeping with his intention, his mind is able to rest and reflect. It is now that he is able to view his work as if for the first time. Piepel continues to be amazed by the power of silent decision making.

To make his encaustic paintings, Piepel applies molten beeswax based encaustic paint to 1 1/4 inch thick wooden panels. He allows the paint to drip off the edges which results in an organic undulating edge. The only tools used to create Piepel's paintings are five types of blow torches. Each torch is tipped with a unique quality of flame. Piepel use his torches as an oil painter uses brushes. His torches allow him to persuade the paint to move and take form, or blend like cream swirling in black coffee which cools to capture that moment in time. While the art of encaustic painting offers a multitude of techniques; Piepel has chosen to deny these in favor of the simple elegance of wax touched by flame.

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