Cyn Lyon Moore



Artist Statement

I think that the love of wax is a near universal one. As children, we would play with the candlewax; forced to contain our childish energies at a table lorded over by the dullness of adults and adult conversation, the colors, light play, and constant motion of the dripping candle proved an irresistable – though sometimes biting –plaything.

In using beeswax as a medium I have found my ultimate hero and foil, and maybe a friend from childhood. At times behaving in unexpected ways, it still holds my fascination, and gives luminosity that is unparalled in other paint media. It can be scribed, sculpted, and painted on top of or underneath. The possibilities are seemingly endless – boredom never stands a chance.

Rendering the octopus has been a welcome departure for me. It occurred to me that the sly amorphous and somewhat transparent quality of these intelligent sea-aliens is a perfect match for beeswax – the wax and the cephalopods both unknowable, inscrutable, and endlessly agile.

—Cyn Lyon Moore, 2018

“The mountain brought forth a mouse, but the bee will create a miracle of beauty and order.” —Louise Borgeous

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