Christina Malm


Reqularity of Recurrence   Monoprint

This show entitled Biomimicry is an intentional exploration of an image that had been showing up unconsciously for 2 years. While assembling work for a show earlier in the year, the image popped out and wouldn’t be ignored. I’ve created this body of work to investigate its meaning and importance to me. While doing this I found that there is still a lot of work to be done and I expect to return to it often in future work.

Symbolism is a critical part of the art that I make and I see symbols everywhere that I am. I discover that they return in my work in subtle ways when I work intuitively and then I come back to them in a deliberate way to develop an idea for myself. Themes of creation and renewal, constancy and completeness are the undercurrent in these prints and described by the round forms that I chose.

What is a Monoprint?

Known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques, a monoprint is a non editionable kind of print and is essentially a printed painting. The characteristic of this method is that no two prints are alike. However, images can be similar, but editioning is not possible. The true appeal of the monotype lies in the unique translucency that creates a quality of light very different from a painting on paper or a print, and the beauty of this media is also in its spontaneity and its combination of printmaking, painting and drawing mediums