Larry Calkins & Shaun Doll

Contemporary Fetish Dolls

Fetish Dolls   Larry Calkins & Shaun Doll  

Larry Calkins uses metal, fabric, paper, paint, drawings, photographs, found objects, dirt, wax, clay or wood in his paintings and sculptures. He has been an Artist in Residence at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma and has shown at the Mia Gallery in Seattle. Currently he shows at American Primitive Gallery in Soho, New York City; The Rice/Polak Gallery in Provincetown, Mass.; and Gallery 500 outside of Philadelphia, Pa. He is represented locally by the G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle. View more of his work at

Shaun Doll is the founder of Northwest Encaustic. His work has been primarily in encaustic paint and print arts. Shaun teaches Printmaking and encaustic painting at Pratt Fine Arts Center and Northwest Encaustic. His current encaustic work occupies the intersection of print arts and encaustic painting and can be seen at Susan Woltz Gallery in downtown Seattle. His print work can be seen in various group shows in the Seattle area.